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EVS Supply has the batteries you need to make certain that your fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly!  Come by to see us now!



Designs, Engineers and Manufactures Custom Battery Packs to meet your exacting requirements.

Stocking Distributor of Standardized (COTS) Batteries of all types and for most applications.

Stocks and Distributes, Lighting Lamps & Bulbs (luminaries) of all popular types. Also Ballasts and a limited offering of Lighting Fixtures.




Custom Battery Packs - EVS Designs, Engineers and Manufactures unique battery packs utilizing the latest processes and components, EVS has the experience and technology to provide our customers with the highest quality batteries packs available. Battery chemistries we offer include: Lithium, Lithium with HLC (hybrid Layer Capacitor) Lithium Ion, LiFePO4, NiMH, Sealed Lead Acid, NiCad, and various Lithium Primary chemistries.
Applications may include, but not limited to: Industrial controls & automation devices, metering, monitors, sensors, UPS & back-up memory applications, surveying & photographic equipment, and GPS devises. To learn more about your Custom Battery Pack application click HERE.

Distribution of Standardized BatteriesEVS stocks and distributes a wide range of standardized battery types from tier#1 manufactures from around the world. Applications include: Laptops, cellular & cordless phones, camcorders, hearing Aids, UPS, lighting applications, electrical power reclosers, and various consumer devices.
Suppliers include: Tadiran (Thionyl Chloride, HLC, Lithium Ion), Energizer (Alkaline, Lithium Iron Disulfide, Zinc Air, Manganese Dioxide, Carbon Monofluoride), Powersonic (Sealed Lead Acid), Renata (Lithium Manganese Dioxide, Zinc Air, Lithium Ion), Enersys (Sealed Lead Acid), Duracell (Alkaline, Zinc Air, Manganese Dioxide), Varta (Alkaline), Streamlight (including flashlights), Leoch (Sealed Lead Acid), Panasonic (NiMH) and many more. For a complete list click HERE.

Distributor of Luminaires - EVS also stocks & distributes quality light bulbs & lamps of all popular types. With decades of experience and an extremly knowledgeable staff, EVS is here to answer your questions and get you what you need. EVS also offers access to a huge array of suppliers of those hard to find lighting types and applications.
When you can't find what you are looking for at the big-box or E-retail stores, or just want to save time and money, EVS has what you need, when you need it, at the lowest possible cost. For a complete list of Supply Partners click HERE.


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