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Few companies can trace their beginnings to the back seat of a ’62 Plymouth, but EVS Supply can do exactly that.

Arthur ‘Spider’ Webb began selling batteries, light bulbs and tapes to resellers and industrial end users in 1967 originally known as Elect-A-Van Service now EVS Supply.

‘Spider’ Webb might find it amusing to see that a different kind of ‘Web’ is essential to the selling process today. The internet and the EVS Website have replaced the ’62 Plymouth as a primary method of distribution.

But the emphasis on the high quality products, good service and honesty that made Spider’s early selling efforts successful is still an integral part of business at EVS.

EVS offers batteries for every need, specializing in batteries for the laptop computers, camcorders and cellular phones that make our lives simpler. But life is simple only if the battery works, or if a battery is available for these devices.

EVS has become known as the place to get batteries when the retail stores don’t have what you need. We sell batteries small enough to run watches or large enough to monitor processes in down well drilling operations. If we don’t have it in stock, chances are we can find it for you or custom build it for you.

This attention to customer needs and willingness to do whatever it takes to serve those needs would make ‘Spider’ Webb happy today. He always felt the customer was the most important part of his business.

If you are in Richardson, Texas or if you are anywhere on the internet, you can shop at EVS Supply.


Whatever it takes to keep you powered up, EVS will do it! 


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