Need a custom battery pack? Do you have an obsolete battery pack? Whatever your needs, we can supply you with the battery pack you need.

Complete the questions below to help us with your requirements. An EVS Supply salesperson will get back to you by the next business day.

1. Chemistry

Does your battery need to be rechargeable? This will help in determining the chemistry to use.

2. Voltage

What is the voltage of your pack? To calculate the voltage, simply multiply the voltage per cell for the finished voltage.
Adding cells in a series increases voltage.

  Example: 3 cells x 2 volts each = 6 volt pack
3. Amperage/Capacity

What is the amperage of your battery? This helps to determine the cell sizes. Cell sizes are not mixed when assembling a battery pack.
Adding cells in parallel increases amperage.

4. Configuration

Where does this battery need to fit? By aligning the cells in various ways, the voltage and amperage can remain the same, yet the packs can be made to fit almost anywhere.

  End to End (--)
  Side by Side (oo)
  Stacked (88)
  Combination (please specify)
5. Termination

How is the battery pack going to give its power and accept a charge if needed? We can add nickel tabs for soldering to, or wires for connections, or reuse your previous connector if you're replacing an existing pack.

6. Cell Size
Please specify cell size.

Please specify any other requirements or information in the box below.